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Typing Master 10 is a typing software that will assist the user to type the keys with great ease. It has a smooth and attractive interface that can be used by any new user who doesn’t know anything about it. Users will be fully amazed by the set of visuals and a specific pattern of colors. Provide a specific set of guides through which the beginner can use this software features like a pro. One can fully learn how to type words at a good speed. This is best for the personal and professional as it helps only in typing. That software will increase your typing speed three times and up to the maximum. Fast typing will save much of your time. It is freely available to use all of its features.

Typing Master 10

This software has limited compatibility as it only runs on the Windows Platform. It will guide you step by step on how to increase your typing speed. Exercise will help you to practice the keys in a specific order. Also added games with a unique and colorful design to assist the user to practice with entertainment. There will be a specific time for each exercise and can also be set manually. Users can review their progress side by side while typing in the form of a bar graph. In the end, he will get a detailed result about the keys.

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IDM For Windows

It has a specific set of features through which you can improve your typing speed with comfort. The specific set of Exercises can be practiced to learn in a specific way. The fun games will make the user practice the exercise in a fun learning environment. To assist improve your skills without any need for a tutor this software will provide you with courses. In that way, you can observe your skills on a large scale. You can observe your performance with the help of graphs which will tell you which keys are causing the problem.

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There are several types of working features that increase the usability of this software and assist you in many ways. Exercises are of many types and with a specific time. Courses are available to have great practice of the skills. Certain games are accessible in this software. Make use of the new and advanced typing meter. Have every piece of information about the programs with the help of this meter. Graphs are awake to give specific information about the keys. Enjoy automation with this software. Explore your specific set of skills by using the stats.


Typing Master 10

Typing Tutor:

To increase your typing speed you can practice through the 10 hours of exercise. In this exercise, you will practice certain keys in a specific way to have a good grip on them. You can also set up the exercise in your way to practice it up to your needs.

Game Exercise:

To provide an environment in which users can practice the exercise with fun this software has given attractive games. In that way, users can fully interact with the game to win by typing a specific word.

Meter Widget:

This meter will fully track all of your activity while doing the exercise. It can give you specific information about words per minute, time taken, and also total words. In that way, you can be fully aware of your progress.


This is great to know about all the problematic keys that you can’t type well. It will give information on the keys whether problematic, difficult, or ok with the help of a graph.


There are multiple courses in this software such as Touch typing, speed building, and much more. These courses will help you shape your specific set of skills in typing. After the completion of these courses, you can become an expert in typing.

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!
Typing Master 10

System Requirements

  • Memory 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Storage 50 MB
  • Processor 300 MHz Intel Pentium or later.

Whats New?

  • The new problem analysis technique is here to tell more about the problematic keys.
  • Suggest specific training courses by analyzing your typing speed.
  • Statistics are available which will tell you more about the progress.
  • Measure your performance side by side while typing.
  • Now practice the most difficult words and keys that trouble you.
  • Bug fixes.

Typing Master 10 is the best software to increase your typing speed up to many times. It is originally made for typing purposes. It can work for both personnel and professionals with an adaptable interface. Avail of this software for free and runs only on Windows.

Exercise will assist you to practice your skills at the maximum potential. And also matter will give you detailed information about the current progress that you will have done. To ensure more comfort it will also tell you about the difficulty that you typed difficulty. A specific set of guides are available to ensure that even the beginner can use this software like an expert. New and improved features are also accessible to ensure the maximum usability of the software. Now problem analysis will analyze your typing through the exercise and will tell you about the problematic keys. It will add a few new features in the future to make it more useful for the user.

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