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Reimage PC Repair is a repair tool that will diagnose the whole system for fixing the issue. It can fix the blue screen of death, freezing the computer, and also the corrupt DLL files. Also capable of removing the virus from the system for securing the data. Scan any kind of virus with the multiple scanning options available in the software. Also work with the hardware to extract useful information like temperature, memory, and storage. For the optimization of the system, it will remove all the unnecessary files from the computer.

Reimage PC Repair

Because of the analysis functionality of the system, it will provide the information about mainboard, CPU, and graphics card. Display the threats and stability levels on the scale of good and bad. Users can use this software for free of cost with all the premium features. Access this software on the two different operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

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Reimage PC Repair For Windows

Based on the preferences its user interface is not quite good in design but provides the proper functionality. It provides a menu list in which it will display all the tools of the software. Navigation is available for the complete workflow in the software. Capable enough to fix the blue screen of the death of the system. Help restore the system from the freezing issue. Recovery of the operation is also possible through the advanced feature of this software.

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Efficiently fix the DLL issues that may be damaged due to some reason. Detects and fixes several hardware issues to keep the system running at its best. Work as a safeguard for removing viruses from the system. Optimization of the performance of the PC by providing the accessibility of the clean-up tool.

Reimage PC Repair Full Version

The fixable blue screen of death is the stuck screen that will not allow users to move. Fixing the freezing issue of the system is possible by updating the outdated drivers in the system. It will fully recover the operating system by the removal of corrupt window files and then restart the system. Repetitive installation and installing of the apps or programs can cause damage to the DLL files. Hardware issues like low storage space, and over-temperature issues are fixable by notifying the users to take sudden actions.

The protection technology will remove spyware, rootkit, and ransomware viruses from the system. The clean-up tool will remove all unwanted files such as cache, registries, and other files from the system. In that way, it will enhance its performance for running things smoothly.


Reimage PC Repair

Blue Screen of Death:

Blue screen is an issue where users get stuck on the screen caused by a fatal system issue. It will remove this issue by using the DIY method by following the few steps for fixing it.

Freezing Computer:

The freezing of the computer commonly occurs due to outdated drivers. This feature will reboot the system for fixing the freezing and will update the drivers to avoid freezing.

Operating System Recovery:

Recovery of the operating system by removing all the corrupt Windows files and rebooting the system. It will change the settings and registry value to their default settings of Microsoft.


The DLLs got damaged due to the continuous installation and uninstalling of the apps or programs. Automatically allocate the exact version of DLL files supported with the programs to avoid crashes.

Virus Damage:

all the files, apps, or programs will be infected by the virus attack. It will do the scanning of all the data and will remove the virus after detecting them.

Hardware Problems:

Do a complete analysis of the hardware for extracting information about storage, speed, power, and temperature. It will notify the users if the temperature rises and also if the storage space gets full to avoid damage.

Malware Removal:

Provide the scanning options available for the removal of the virus including Trojan horses, spyware, and rootkit. The Quick scan will randomly scan files and remove viruses. While the deep scan will scan all files for virus removal.

Junk Cleaner:

Efficient enough of removing unnecessary files from the internal system and also the external devices. It will remove junk files, cache, registries, and text history.

Reimage PC Repair

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • RAM : 512 MB
  • OS : Windows 7 or Higher
  • Storage : 15 GB or More
  • 1 GHz processor

New Features:

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Enhances the algorithms for faster repair.
  • Suggest the most critical repairs to the Windows.
  • Provided the online scanner.

Reimage PC Repair is a useful repair tool for operating system and hardware issues. all the issues with the operating system are fixable including the blue screen of death. Enjoy its free availability on Windows and Mac. The outdated drivers can cause the screen strike fixable issues by using this software. The whole operating system is recoverable which may be caused by the damaged Windows files. Protect against multiple viruses and also remove them with the advanced technology. Fix the issues on the hardware like the over-temperature and storage shortage. Optimize the PC performance by removing all the junk files from it. Developers have fixed some minor for better stability of the software. The repair algorithm is now even better for faster repair. The online scanner is available for the scanning of suspicious files in search of the virus.

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