Download Windows 10 ISO 19045.4529 Full Activated

Windows 10 Multi-Edition 19045.4529 is the very optimized version of Microsoft technology. They have added an extra layer to the features and components available for this OS. It has the most advanced internet settings that are updated regularly. The online security mechanisms are enhanced with real-time protection. So it has some features and some distinctive features as compared to the other versions. The basic intent is to design the version for businesses and industries. Such as IT professionals require customized settings to work on different projects. Thus this windows is the best that supports numerous applications and software on it.

Windows 10 Pro

The pro version comes with some additional perks and benefits for the professional users. You will find some changes with the security and upgrades in the basic features. It is a more custom version so that one can use it for producing good results.

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Windows 10 Pro 19045.4529 For Windows

Windows 10 Pro 19045.4529 is a very up-to-date version that includes plenty of options. Most of the options look similar to the older version but have newly added features. It has the start menu with the new textures and themes. There is a lot of space available to add the programs that you want to see on the top. Whereas the search bar is available to explore the stuff on the PC or search it on the internet. Microsoft Edge is available in which you can browse different data from the internet. However, the upgraded version is already installed in the professional version. With that, automated updating features are included to look for better options.

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Cortana is the virtual assistant that is part of this operating system. It will guide you about anonymous stuff and Windows functions. This is a virtual assistant app that is preinstalled. Moreover, the view and the interface are improved to use multiple modes. For instance, you can connect the PC with external outputs such as a projector. These options will give you new alternatives to view the screen. However, this version might require some more RAM and processing speed to load the different programs. Net Framework and advanced modules are part of this software. This window is specially made for professional users to take full control of the PC.


Windows 10 Pro

Remote Desktop:

This tool has a desktop feature in which users can operate their PC from different locations. You can log in to any other device and integrate the sessions with your Windows and PC. Thus the program will enable users to perform all the actions online and modify settings as well.


The pro version includes data encryption and security feature. It is related to the protection of the data available on the hard disk. This program can systematically protect and secure all types of data on the DIsk. Users can even set passwords to protect it.

Trusted Boot:

This Windows version can also let you boot the system safely. This booting can help you to save the PC from the malware and other threats available.


It supports virtual operating systems to run on a system. This feature also supports multiple OS optimization. You can run other windows on the same PC at the same time. So it will help to test the different software and related performances. For professionals, this feature stands at the top to utilize.

Extra Limits:

This software has additional support to install the RAM and other drives. Here users can install more than 2 TB of hard drives and use them.

Parental Control:

It has the parental control option in which parents can completely look after their child’s activities. They can also disable some functions in the PC to restrict the kids. So it is handy stuff in a sense if other people are using your PC.

Battery Saving:

For the laptop the Windows 10 Pro grants you some additional benefits related to the battery-saving options. You can set the custom settings and control the effectiveness of the PC. here you can select that the performance is your target or the less energy consumption. So users can use the PC for a long time now.

Windows 10 Pro

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Storage 20 GB
  • Processor 1 GHz

What’s New?

  • Improved Multitasking.
  • Cortana is also enhance.
  • Universal Apps to download.

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Windows 10 Home Activation Keys



Windows 10 Enterprize Activation Keys



Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro Full Activated is a very customize version of Microsoft technology. It has multiple features that include the virtual assistant known as Cortana. Moreover, security is enhance with the new updates and built-in features. Bitlocker is available to safeguard the hard drives now. Similarly, the virtual machines are now connecting to the same PC to operate them. Overall it is a very advance and professional version that is highly appreciate by the IT and other departments. With the real time security updates and protection mechanism you can work in a safe environment. Users won’t find a big difference in the processing speed of the brother version of this window as well.

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