Download HD Tune Pro 5.85 Full Activated (latest 2024)

HD Tune Pro is an excellent utility for measuring the performance of your hard drive. It is an SSD utility/ hard disk that is capable of performing multiple functions. You can utilize this software for monitoring the health status of your computer, safely eliminating all the content, etc. You can utilize this software for scanning system errors. Multiple new features are part of this software which is the new version of HD Tune. Command line parameters, AAM settings, write benchmarks, folder usage view, disk monitor, as well as file benchmark are some important features of this software.

HD Tune Pro

HD Tune Pro For Windows

Memory card reader, SSD, external or internal hard disk, and USB stick are some important features of this software. It comes with some hard drive limitations and does not offer complete support to all the hard drives. Once completion of the installation procedure, you can utilize this tool for almost 20 days. For using this app after this period, you can effortlessly buy its serial number.

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The tool lets you perform the basic tests with an added option of continuous testing. For erasing the data, you can specify the range as well as the tool monitors the transferred files. It offers you the choice of saving options and you can specify the current pass. Temperature detection is also an important feature of this utility.

HD Tune Pro Version

The software lets users list all the command line options of the existing drives. Moreover, it provides you an improved volume detection. This utility provides added support for all SSD drives. Similarly, it offers extra support for your +4TB disks. The added option for restoring the size and the position of the windows. It includes the updated warning levels.

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Therefore, whenever your operating system experiences any sort of risk, the tool provides you the updates regarding these things. More options are available which contain the potential of scanning the A & B drives. The main screen of your software shows the serial number. It resolves all of your problems regarding the temperature display in Fahrenheit.


HD Tune Pro

Supports Hard Drives

This software shows advanced support for external as well as internal hard drives, memory cards, and SSD. If you want to change your current device, you can do this from the drop-down menu that appears at the top of your screen.

Hard Driver Tester

This is an efficient Windows-based tester for the hard drivers that works perfectly for the different versions of Windows.

Benchmark Testing

Health, Info, Error scan, and Benchmark are four tabs of this software. Anyhow, the benchmark testing is conducted only in the first tab. The tool displays the driver-supported features such as capacity, basic information, and the serial number on the Info page.

SMART & Error Scanning

It stands for self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology and the health tab displays the attributes of SMART. Similarly, the Error scan tab is specified for revealing all the errors that your system experiences.

Edit Benchmark Setting

With the Options pages of this software, you can edit the benchmark set. It leads to a speed change and the alteration of the block size utilized for reading data out of the drive. When you launch a test, you can observe the rates of the file transfer as the CPU usage, access time, as well as burst rate utilized during your benchmarking.

Disk Temperature Monitor

Another important feature of this tool is the monitoring of the hard disk temperature. You can run this app on system tray monitoring for evaluating the current temperature of the hard drive. Also, it provides a notification to the users when the temperature of your device reaches an optimum level.

File Eraser Tool

This tool helps you to secretly erase any hard drive from your system simply by overwriting the marked data as empty with different methods. These methods include Guntmann, random fill, as well as zero-fill.

Compatibility with New SSD Drives

The usage of this software improves because of its advanced compatibility with new SSD drives. Also, the read or write speed test provides you an idea about the performance speed of your device.

HD Tune Pro

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 10 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Processor 1 GHz or faster

What’s New:

  • Resolved the issue of the Window size.
  • It displays over temperature as a warning sign and not a failure.
  • Enhanced support for the Micron NVME into the USB bridge.

HD Tune Pro Free Download Latest Version 2024

HD Tune Pro is an authentic app for benchmarking your hard drives. It offers complete support for the modern SSD as well as HDD. The clients can manage their data by utilizing this software. Apart from this, all the clients can delete the documents by using this single package. Thus advanced utility comes with updated and robust features and provides you with more ease and flexibility. You must try utilizing this software.

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