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Chimera tool that can help you resolve problems with your mobile phone. It supports thousands of mobile devices including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Vivo, HTC, and other famous brands as well. You can restore your IMEI number, fix software issues, repair media access control, and much more.

Chimera tool

Chimera tool For Windows

With the activation key, you can install this tool for a limited time, this allows you to unlock premium features of the application for a limited period of time. You can bypass the FPR, network factory reset, change the setting of the bootloader, and much more.

Chimera tool Latest Version

You can unlock all the premium features of the tool, it comes with the activation key and the Latest version of the tool. You can perform multiple tasks with the help of a full download. Furthermore, you can get the information from your phone, and read and write certificates. This tool covers more than 10K models and new models are added with every new update. 

Key Features:

  • Restore the MIED number
  • Repair network interface card
  • Repair media accesses control
  • Bypass or removing FPR
  • Network factory reset
  • Change the setting of the bootloader
  • Get info about the phone
  • Change CSC
  • Read and write certificates
  • Store and restore backup


Chimera tool

Damaged IMEI:

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a number given to mobiles to identify mobile networks. A 15-digit code is given to every GSM mobile while the CDMA devices have a MIED number. In some cases the IMEI number is rewritten or damaged for some reason it will show you this number 350000000000006, you can restore your original IMEI number with the help of this tool.

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Patch certification:

You can use the service of patch certification by connecting your phone through cable in ADB mode. Patch certificates can not fix the network issues to solve the network issues you need first to repair or rewrite your IMEI number before starting patching. This feature supports almost all the famous mobile brands.

FPR lock:

If the factory reset process is performed on an Android device without user permission, it will be stuck on the FPR screen which shows you ‘this device was reset, to continue to sign in to previous Google account’. This will show up if you buy a used device from the market and the previous owner did not remove his Google account from the device. Well, you can bypass this screen easily with the help of this tool and use your Google account as the first Google account that will eliminate this problem forever.

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Support and guide:

A team of professionals is 24/7 available. You can contact them to solve your problem, or you can ask them to guide you to use the tool. You can also use the video tutorials and guides to further understand new updates and tools. 

Read certificate:

You can read the digital integrate data which is connecting to the given phone when the phone is manufacture. This code protects mobile reusing the IMEI. This certificate also can not be reproduce because the manufacturer owns the private key to create it. However, you can read that code and match that with your IMEI number to be safe, also you can restore your certificate data.

Store or restore backup:

You can create a backup point where you can save all the data of your mobile and also the settings of the applications. You can restore that to your mobile phone without any hassle if anything went wrong while resolving the issue with your mobile. It is important to create a backup before working on your device.

Chimera tool

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Memory 2 GB
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Storage 2 GB
  • Processor 2.2 GHz

What’s New?

  • New boot repair procedure
  • Device wizard for Samsung phones with Exynos SoC
  • Disable the orange state for MTK
  • Improved read code online for Exynos models
  • New security added
  • Bugs fixed
  • Runs smoother than the older version

Chimera Tool Free Download

Chimera Tool Activated was first released in 2011, purpose was to make software easy to use and also solve all the problems with the mobile phone. The tool was develope and now it is the only market-leading tool that can help you to solve the problems of thousands of mobile phones. You can fix your mobile phone with a few clicks, an automatic feature of the tool helps you a lot. You don’t have to navigate through multiple menue to perform a single task. Just press a few buttons, and the problem should be solve.

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