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Kutools For Excel 26.10 is an excellent handy tool for Excel users that allows them to enjoy a larger number of advanced features. These advanced features help users to finish their complicated tasks in just a few clicks. The users with the help of this software can combine their worksheets and can merge their cells. Merging of cells in the software does not decrease the quality of the data. This software enables users in saving their time from the hassles and complexities of the Excel application. It has a very user-friendly and smooth interface that allows users to access its all features.

Kutools for Excel

Users can easily count and sum their cells into various columns and rows. The application has more than 200 different advanced features in its interface that helps users to save time. It enables users to hide and unhide their sheets, protect their data, and insert different actions.

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Kutools For Excel 26.10 For Windows

Kutools For Excel 26.10 helps users to combine different data sheets and merge cells without losing their quality. The interface of the software is very fluid and easy, allowing users to take snapshots of their current work. The navigation page in the applications includes all the entities like workbooks, worksheets, columns, and other actions. Besides this, the users can easily preview all their work easily and also can switch between different windows. It features selecting and going to a specific column or row instantly.

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Users can customize their navigation panel and interface of the software according to their ease. This application is capable of taking snapshots of the worksheets with just a single click. Snapshots will help the users to resume their work from the desired point of the worksheet. These features of the snapshot will work until the application is running.

Kutools For Excel 26.10 Full Version

Kutools For Excel 26.10 helps in managing the workflow by merging, removing, and pasting different cells without losing their quality. It provides users with multiple features of formatting, data importing, and cell encryption. The feature of the reading layout enables users to enter and check data much faster and more precisely. Show worksheet features make all the invisible or hidden sheets visible.

Besides this, it also has the feature of a Range Converter that allows us to make different operations in cells. While the Content Converter in the interface enables users to make various conversion operations simultaneously. Users can also do editing and security to their worksheets with the help of this software. You can easily add different and unique sequence numbers in the worksheets. It enables users to hide or show the horizontal scrollbar and page breaks according to their will. These features and well-structured functions of the application have made application as the richest and most reliable application.


Kutools for Excel

Bigger Formula Bar:

This feature of the application enhances the formula bar and users can see all the display cell content in a single window easily. The feature of the reading layout highlights the entire column or the specific line of the worksheet.


Users can easily take snapshots of their current window of workbook. This helps them in accessing their previous work from any certain point. These snapshots will save the workbook before closing the workbook of Excel. Once the workbook is closed, all the snapshots are deleted.

Navigation Pane:

The navigation pane of the software is very rich with features as it has five different pans in its interface. These panes include the Workbook pane, Advanced Find and Replace pane, Column list pane, and Name Manager pane. Each pane has various features that make the workflow of Excel very easier and quicker.

Data Form:

This feature allows the users to edit, view and insert or delete different entries in Excel. It displays the data in a very specific manner row by row. Users can edit, read and delete their data with the help of this feature.

Easy Interface:

The interface of the software is very unique and fluid with its 5 different navigation panes. Each pane has its own various features and functions that make the workflow of Excel easier.

Kutools for Excel

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 50 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Intel Pentium 4 or later.

What’s New:

  • The applications now hold a better context menu with an advanced navigation pane.
  • Users can do All Cells Formatting into Clear Character Formatting.
  • This also provides support for hidden files and folders in the software.

Kutools For Excel is a widespread tool used for performing different actions and functions in Excel. It saves the users from facing different difficulties and hassles regarding the actions of Excel. Users can also hide or show their worksheets, excel window settings in the software. It allows users to merge different cells and paste data into different cells without losing its quality. The snapshot feature of the application helps the users to take snapshots to save their previous work on the worksheet. With a snapshot, users can access their saved worksheet from a certain point until the window is not closed. Once the window of the program is closed, all the snapshots are formatted. These features make Kutools For Excel a very profitable tool in its market that helps users in saving their time.

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