Download Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) Full Activated 2024

Windows 8 is a platform that can run the applications and software downloaded from the Store and the internet respectively. Include the traditional Windows file explorer that is used to view the files and also the storage space of drives. Access the basic functions at the top of the window such as File, Home, Share, and View. These functions have sub-functions like file deletion and organizing the files into a specific format. Users can display and hide the files from the view tab. Set up a custom password on the drive and files for their protection by using the bit locker.

Windows 8

The built-in antivirus is available in Windows for scanning and removing infected files. Access the widgets to gain the latest information without the need of opening the application or programs. Clean up unwanted and junk files from the system to boost its performance.

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Its interface is quite sleek and flawless which will provide the most smooth experience. Provide the accessibility of all of the options of the tools in one place. Access any software or program with the assistance of the shortcut keys. Make a bootable USB for the transfer of data from one device to another. Quickly access any of the settings in the computer with the advanced live syncing feature available. The accessibility of multiple applications or programs is accessible with the assistance of the taskbar.

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Users can manipulate their notifications from the settings like blocking the specific applications. For easy management, users can use gestures for faster access to the charms menu and others. There are two options available in the Windows reset and refresh and both with different functions. Share anything from any software and also split the screen into four parts to do multitasking.

Windows 8 Activated

This will provide a complete list of the processes, performance, app history, startup, users, details, and services. On the performance tab, users can view the CPU and memory usage and usage of the networks. See the status of all of these in the graphical presentation. Tracking the sending and receiving speed of the networks. This desktop is based on the grid layout for improving the interactions. Also, users can arrange the applications in their custom way because this grid is customizable. Include the retrieving of the information of apps that is being updated in real-time. In that way, you don’t need to open the apps for accessing information. For the search purpose, users can click on the start menu for accessing the search box. Just type the name of anything such as software, program, and games for quicker access.


Windows 8

Windows To Go

Make a bootable USB by transferring all of the data including programs, apps, files, settings, and the wallpapers. The USB users can restore all of the data on the different machines containing Windows 8.

Live Syncing

For the restoration of the personalized settings on the desktop users can use the Live ID. This feature will make the settings accessible on any device having the operating system.

Task Bar

Pin the application to the taskbar in the form of short icons for faster accessibility. The currently running application from the task will be marked with a grey color.

Managing Notifications

Users can block the notifications of specific apps from the settings. Also, disable some of the apps to stop running in the background for optimizing the performance of the computer.

Easy Gestures

Access the charms menu by swiping right and swiping left for switching between apps with the touch gestures. View anything with the ultra-zooming facility of the pinch-to-zoom gestures.

Reset and Refresh

By choosing the reset option all of the data including the files and settings will be removed from the system. But the refresh option will allow users to select not deleting the personal files while deleting the data.


This feature will allow the viewing of the two different applications on the screen. Users can add up to four apps on the screen for multitasking purposes.


Users can post on social platforms such as Facebook by accessing the share menu functionality. All of the data of the clipboard is also shareable on other running applications.

Windows 8

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics card. Microsoft DirectX 9
  • 20 GB of minimum HD is required
  • 1 GHz processor

What’s New:

  • Improvements in the startup apps and file system.
  • Include automatic maintenance.
  • Provide the anti-virus.
  • Users can access the measured boot.

In Windows 8 Users can run any file, program, or application that is downloadable using this Windows operating system. Protect all of the data including photos, videos, documents, and more with the help of passwords and advanced anti-virus technology. Access the data across multiple devices by using the USB drive containing all the data. Use the live sync feature for accessing the specific settings. Change the incoming notifications of any application from the notification settings and use gestures for accessing the pinch-to-zoom facility. Retrieve the basic information about CPU and ram usage with the view tab. Also the view functions for displaying and hiding the files. Access the Windows data on another same Window and also the live id will help restore the personal settings. Include the automatic maintenance feature for better management of the operating system. Provide efficient antivirus technology for protection against multiple viruses including spyware.

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