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Welcome to iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36

Optimize your fleet management with iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36, a robust software solution designed to streamline the maintenance and operational aspects of your vehicle fleet. Whether you’re overseeing a small business fleet or managing a large-scale operation, this software is your key to maintaining vehicles efficiently and reducing downtime. iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36 provides a comprehensive set of tools that empower fleet managers with the insights and control needed to enhance vehicle performance, prolong asset life, and minimize maintenance costs.

Unleash the full potential of your fleet with iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36 user-friendly interface and powerful features. This software goes beyond basic maintenance tracking, offering a holistic approach to fleet management that includes comprehensive reporting, preventive maintenance scheduling, and cost analysis. Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance, reduce unexpected breakdowns, and take command of your fleet’s efficiency with the advanced capabilities of iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36.

Key Features

1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Implement a proactive maintenance strategy by scheduling preventive maintenance tasks for each vehicle in your fleet. iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36 allows you to set up automated reminders for routine inspections, oil changes, tire rotations, and other essential tasks, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

2. Work Order Management

Efficiently manage maintenance tasks with the software’s work order system. Create, track, and prioritize work orders, assigning tasks to specific vehicles or technicians. This feature ensures that maintenance activities are organized, documented, and completed in a timely manner.

3. Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports on various aspects of your fleet, including maintenance history, costs, and vehicle usage patterns. iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36 provides insightful analytics to help you make informed decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize overall fleet performance.

4. Fuel Management

Monitor fuel consumption and expenses with the fuel management feature. Track fuel transactions, identify fuel efficiency trends, and detect anomalies that may indicate issues with specific vehicles. This capability enables you to control fuel costs and improve overall fleet efficiency.

5. Inventory Tracking

Keep track of spare parts and inventory levels effortlessly. iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36 inventory tracking feature allows you to manage stock, reorder supplies when needed, and ensure that your maintenance team has the necessary components to address vehicle issues promptly.

6. User Access Control

Ensure data security and control by managing user access levels within the software. Define roles and permissions for different team members, restricting access to sensitive information and functionalities. This feature enhances confidentiality and accountability within your fleet management team.

System Requirements

Ensure your system meets the following requirements for optimal performance of iMagic Fleet Maintenance 1.36:

Operating System:

[Specify compatible operating systems]


[Specify minimum processor requirements]


[Specify minimum RAM requirements]


[Specify minimum available storage]
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