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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a video editing software that can transform your creativity into a digital form. Easily import the video up to the 4k Video resolution and edit them with the advanced tools. There is specific smart mas functionality available to cut the object from the video. Users can also record the video screen in the multi-cam recorder to view it from all angles. There is a specific editor available that can edit the video in 360° to edit it from a different perspective. All types of content are generateable such as AVCHD, DVD, and CD formats. The burning option is also available that burns the discs to delete the existing data to add new data.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

It provides a faster synchronization facility for faster and better editing. Users can also remove the objects from the video to make it clean for professional work. Apply any color to the video to make it more attractive.

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate For Windows

Beginners can use the software efficiently because it has the best color-matching design. Provide the navigation for a smoother workflow of things. There is a specific home tab available for fastly accessing the tools. Users can view multiple videos at a time with the usage of only one screen. The videos are editable in 360 degrees to edit from all angles. Users can fully control the colors of videos and also make some corrections to them to produce high-quality videos.

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Preserve all of the settings in the single or multiple videos with the assistance of the alpha channel. There are multiple effects available that will make some adjustments to the video to make it more attractive. Take advantage of the several titles with the adjustment options available in the software.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Full Version

The smart Object Tracking feature will track the object with the capability of shape-aware motion for recognizing every object’s shape. That will ease the users to easily mask the object from the video in its original shape. Multiple blending modes are available such as hard light, lighten, and hard mix to change the appearance of the video. Users need to mask the area for applying these blending modes and also these can create some sort of effects. Every blending mode will combine the values of brightness and color based on different formulas. This is best for creating a film with an artistic touch. MultiCam Functions will provide a view of video from different perspectives with the assistance of the six cameras. Users can use the MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite for recording the screen and the webcam as well. Edit the recorded video to add some audio overlays.


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Split Screen Template Creator:

Users can use only one screen for the combining purposes of multiple videos. This is useful to compare the videos and also create a promo video by using different strategies.

360° Video Editing:

This 360° editor contains some special effects that will make the files more entertaining and engaging. Also able to create panoramas and enable users to edit the videos in 360° to view from all angles.

Grading Controls:

There is a specific color gradient available to change the colors in the video for making some color contrast. It will also enable users to correct the color by adjusting the white balance.

Alpha Channel:

It is useful for preserving the custom overlays and transparency in the individual tracks or the whole one. Additionally, it is pretty helpful in giving a demonstration of the brand in the form of a video series.


This software contains over 2000+ After Effects that will imitate a vintage look and also express your creativity. It is also helpful in reducing the noise to make the video with brighter colors.


This software has support for 3D titles that will be like the moving one in the video. Easily edit the title to change the name and also adjust its size that suits you best.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • 8 GB of minimum HD is required
  • Intel Core i3 3 GHz processor

What’s New:

  • Improved the stability of the software.
  • Boosted the performance for faster editing.
  • Include the keyframe editing.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a video editing software with support for up to 4k resolution and advanced tools. Users can also remove the objects from the video and enable users to apply any color to make it attractive. Users can view multiple videos at a time and also edit them in 360 degrees from all angles. There are multiple effects available for video adjustments and also use several titles with adjustment options available in the software. Smart Object Tracking will track the object to ease the users to easily mask the object in its original shape. MultiCam Functions will provide different perspectives of video and also the MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite for recording the screen. Developers have improved the stability and boosted the performance of faster editing.

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