Download MAGIX VEGAS Stream 1.1.0 Full Activated 2024

MAGIX VEGAS Stream 1.1.0 is a streaming software that is useful for live events, and business meetings. Suitable for businessmen, content creators, and teachers as well. This will allow you to connect to multiple people around the world on the video. The video quality is way much better which will enhance the video communication. The creators can interact with their audience with the assistance of a live event functionality. Efficiently run with popular streaming platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, and Facebook. This software is fully integrated with the other software of the Megix Vegas family for using their tools and functionalities.


Use the multi-camera functionality that will enable you to view multiple people at a time. Because of this functionality, it will enable users to view multiple videos, graphics, text, and audio. Users are also able to add a specific watermark logo that will indicate the creator of the video.

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MAGIX VEGAS Stream 1.1.0 For Windows

This software has a unique and simple design that will take the user’s understanding to another level. It provides faster accessibility of the features and tools. Access any tool or feature in a proper list from the menu bar. Choose any of the tracks and make some adjustments to it for creating a new one. Take advantage of the motion tracking feature that will track the movements of the objects in the video. There are multiple audio editing tools available that can edit the audio to another level.

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Make use of the several titles and text for branding with also the functionality of adjustments. Take advantage of the color grading modes that will enable you to manipulate the colors. Users can avail of the chroma keying feature for making colorful videos with matching colors.

MAGIX VEGAS Stream 1.1.0 Full Version

The scene detection technology will enable users to capture any scene and apply specific filters and effects to it. Users can embed any track into the video to be played in the background and edit them as well. There are multiple cameras available that will provide a view of different videos at a time. Create your custom shortcut to do specific actions in the editor. The Boris FX Primatte Studio will perform a complete analysis of the video to identify the blue or green screen. It includes transparency tuning that will adjust the transparency of the video. Adjust the lighting of the video to enlighten the darker areas of the video. That artificial intelligence technology will convert the black and white videos into colorful ones with much more enriched colors. During the conversion, it will also increase the resolution of the video. Additionally, this can convert videos into digital art forms.



Adjustment Tracks:

Manipulate the tracks by adding multiple points and then group them to create a new mixed track. Apply the specific color to the selected section of the video to make it colorful and attractive.

Motion Tracking:

Users can track the video from different angles to capture the movements of the objects. Also, the text and the other data will be tracked. The faces and the import data from the Boris FX Mocha are also trackable.

Audio Editing:

Cut and merge any music tracks to create a new tone for the video. Use the equalizer that will produce better-quality sounds. Adjust the beat volume of the audio with the volume controller.

Titles and Text:

There are multiple text and titles available in the combination of the different colors for the video. Adjust the size of it that will suit you best.

Color Grading:

For modifying the video there are three color grading modes available such as bright, and dark. The bright mode is useful for adjusting the brightness level of the video. While the dark mode will lower the brightness of the video.

Chroma Keying:

It is a tool that will produce realistic scenery from the captured subject with a solid color background. Users can generate this chroma through the use of edge cleaning, and color wrap modules.


How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 10, 11
  • 4 GB of minimum HD is required
  • Intel Core i5 processor

What’s New:

  • Users can access the text properties.
  • Improvements in the window docking.
  • Support for the import of the Mocha shape data.

MAGIX VEGAS Stream is a streaming solution suitable for businessmen, content creators, teachers, and also for live events. Use the multi-camera functionality to view multiple people, videos, graphics, text, and audio at a time for better editing. Use motion tracking feature for tracking object movements and use multiple audio editing tools for changing the audio level. Avail the color grading modes for changing the colors and also chroma keying for making colorful videos. Capture any scene through scene detection technology and also embed any track in the background of the video. Convert the black and white videos into colorful videos with the usage of advanced artificial intelligence technology. Also, produce better quality videos.

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