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Luminar is an effective image editing tool that will enhance the images and work on them more professionally. It uses different combinations of brushes and versatile techniques for professional persons to enhance their skills. You can use the versatile AI features that will give you control over different options such as masking, changing landscapes, sky replacements, and other others. With the diverse range of powerful plug-ins, the editing options are now more innovative. Some major features include enhancing colors, altering landscapes, portraits, complex editing, and many more.


If you are working on a desktop PC then the color controls, layers, masks, filters, and RAW conversion options are there for pro-level usage. With the batch processing features you can implement the different effects on multiple images at a single time.

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Luminar For Windows

With the easy use of this tool, users can work on retouching skins, color casts, and unnecessary object removal options. It will help remove the extra details from the image and work on texture overlays, blend modes, and masking. Users can target different sections of the same image without selecting them. The cross-process filters are there with impressive color controls. The different brushes, gradient masking, color mixing, selective editing, and histogram-making techniques are all available.

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In short, you will find all different types of stuff that will help you in growing as a professional class photographer. There are some useful templates als with the AI integration with tons of special edit options. The drag and slider functions are there to apply the effects on the image and review it in an advanced mode.

Luminar Full Version

The tool workspace revival some basic filters for different kinds of images in premium options. The effects are there for the B&W images, portrait, landscape, and streets. The preference is all depending upon the users and what kind of stuff they require for their files. You will further find radial, gradient, and luminosity masking with different types of layers. The AI capabilities will help people to navigate the portrait sections and edit menus. Suppose you want to add a bokeh in the picture with AI for tuning the subjects to feel more attractive. The face filters are there to work on the eyes, mouth, light, and other skin features. Use the defects removal options for skin to modify it with the different levels of complexions.



Remove Details:

With a smarter and sample texture remove the details that are unnecessary in the pictures. The app will blend the edges and will try to manage a more natural look without any signs of removal.

Adjust Controls:

There are dozens of new options to control the shadows, contrast, highlights, and many other things. The one-slider options are there to use for adjusting these features more naturally.

Manage Photos:

You can use custom features to manage the photos in a single catalog and preview them. These are nondestructive so you can visit them again and again with all history management settings.


A single click effect is there for quick enhancements with all different presets. These are compatible with AI technology for tailoring the images to the next level with suggestions.

Set Exposure:

Use different color adjustments to set the exposure for any picture you want. There are dark and light filters to add to the file to make it more pleasant and watchful. You can use the manual option to make a gloomy look on the image with this app.

Line Removal:

The erasing tool is there to remove the dust and other spots from the image with the power lines options. You will find these options with a single click and use them to fix images instantly.

Sky Replacement:

The sky replacement helps the users to remove the sky and replace it with some other picture. You can overlap some other images and use them for the building roofs with this skyline feature.

Mask AI:

With AI technology, the app will start the process instantly and finish it quickly as well. So uses the masking options to automatically set the different masks for the picture with the bruises and highlight the areas.


How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 2.5 GB of minimum HD is required
  • Intel Core i3 or Higher

What’s New:

  • Enjoy smoother experiences
  • The panorama stitching extension is now available.
  • Upscale AI with the new camera support.

Luminar is a powerful video editing app that has unique elements and functions for working on images with professional class use. There are masking and other filters to increase the picture effectiveness and provide smoother results. You can employ the auto effects for changing in and highlighting the different areas of the images with the light and dark presets. Change the skin tone with the skin enhancements, and add or remove detailings on the image with easy-to-go features. There are sky replacements, object removals, and picture enhancement techniques that this app uses to indulge its audience. You will find the best quality AI support for auto-detection of many shortcomings in the images and giving the right suggestions.

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