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Adobe Substance 3D Sampler is a solution for digitalizing images to convert them into realistic material. The 3D design will be created with the combination of multiple images. All of the objects are available in the library that can move into the design by using drag-and-drop functionality. This library will arrange all the items with the specified name for easy accessibility. Make any design of the house and the building in 3D to view the design from all angles. Facilitate sharing option to share the design with others for generating better outputs.

Adobe Substance 3D Sampler

Extract the design from the software to save it on the computer in supportive formats. This software supports exporting the design in formats such as JPG and PNG. Provide a fresh and beautiful look to the design. Support the integration with the other software such as Photoshop to use its tools.

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Adobe Substance 3D Sampler For Windows

It has a neat and clean interface without any complexity which will make its functionalities easily understandable. There is a specific tab for the tool on the left side of the interface that provides faster accessibility. Take advantage of its integration support with Adobe Photoshop which will take editing to another level. Adobe Substance 3D Sampler is capable of combining multiple After Effects to make a new effect with better color combinations.

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Use the auto-mask feature to get only the design with the transparent background and also provide reconstruction as well. Get the enhanced image with the assistance of the Post-processing feature that uses UV unwrapping and others. Adobe Substance 3D Sampler will provide better rendering and faster exporting with GPU acceleration. Avail of the PBR feature that is useful for manipulating the lighting behavior.

Adobe Substance 3D Sampler Full Version

The AI-Powered Scan Processing feature is capable of building a high-quality map of any building and house. It will generate a normal map by removing the shadows with the usage of the image-to-material template. Also capable of creating roughness in the material and the albedo a light reflector as well. The  Open Ecosystem feature will make the project accessible across multiple software such as Stager and Painter. Users can send their team members a whole project to get feedback on it. Also, they can collaborate with them to work on the same design he is currently working on. The IBL Creation feature will use 360° for creating the lights in the high dynamic range environment. Specific effects are available that will enrich them with beautiful color combinations. There are other lights available in the software to choose from.


Adobe Substance 3D Sampler

Photoshop Editing:

The Adobe Substance 3D Sampler is integrated with Photoshop to avail of its tools. In that way, users can import any of the images from this software to Photoshop to do further editing.

Parametric Effects:

This feature will combine the two effects to produce a new effect. Combine the snow and blend fabric from the combination of the weather and natural effects. This will provide a new look to the image.


That works efficiently with the objects in removing their background. Include the identification of the non-masked area to only construct them rather than constructing all of them.

Post Processing:

This feature includes the optimization functions such as UV unwrapping and baking that will enhance the image result. Also capable of optimizing the textures and the mesh in the design.

GPU Acceleration:

Fully functional to work with the graphics card to provide a fully optimized performance for faster rendering. This will boost the exporting speed as well so that users can quickly export their projects.

PBR Materials:

PBR(Physically Based Rendering) is useful for providing a realistic look to the material while working in a lighting environment. It will simulate the lighting behavior for providing a realistic environment.


Users can export the project file onto the local computer in the multiple formats available. The supportive formats of the software are, PNG, JPG, SBAR, SBS, and others.

Adobe Substance 3D Sampler

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 16 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 or later
  • 30 GB of minimum HD is required
  • Core i5 processor

What’s New:

  • Include the Paint Warp filter.
  • Provide the Embroidery for patches.
  • Improvement in the 3D capture.

Adobe Substance 3D Sampler is useful for making 3D designs from the combination of multiple images. Include a sharing option to share the design and also export the design to save it on the computer. Take advantage of its integration support with Adobe Photoshop and also its capability of combining multiple effects. This software will provide better rendering with GPU acceleration and the PBR feature for lighting behavior manipulation. Use the AI-Powered Scan Processing feature for creating a normal map with the help of an image-to-material template. The IBL Creation feature will create high dynamic range lights with 360° images. Produce beautiful color combinations with the availability of specific effects. Export the design without any background with the usage of the auto-masking functionality. It has included the Paint Warp filter and also the Embroidery for patches.

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