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Welcome to 2.9.2

Discover the power of 2.9.2, the latest iteration of our cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize your event management and timekeeping experience. Whether you are organizing conferences, workshops, or performances, is your go-to solution for seamless timing precision and event coordination. This update brings enhanced features and improvements to elevate your event planning to new heights, providing you with a comprehensive toolset to ensure every moment on stage is perfectly timed. 2.9.2 offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier than ever to manage and monitor time during events. From pre-activated timing presets to customizable alerts, this version empowers event organizers with unprecedented control. Say goodbye to timing hassles and hello to a smoother, more efficient event execution with 2.9.2.

Key Features

1. Precise Timing Controls

Enjoy unparalleled control over your event’s timing with 2.9.2. Fine-tune each segment effortlessly to ensure your presentations run seamlessly, keeping your audience engaged.

2. Customizable Alerts

Set personalized alerts for key moments, ensuring speakers and performers stay on track. 2.9.2 offers a range of alert options, from subtle reminders to visible cues, allowing for a customized and professional experience.

3. Dynamic Countdowns

Engage your audience with dynamic countdowns that display remaining time in real-time. Choose from a variety of styles to match your event’s aesthetic, creating a visually compelling and informative experience for attendees.

4. Full Version Activation

Unlock the full potential of 2.9.2 with hassle-free activation. Enjoy all features without limitations, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive timekeeping experience for your events.

5. Enhanced User Interface

Experience an improved and intuitive user interface that streamlines your workflow. 2.9.2 prioritizes user experience, making it easier for organizers to navigate and manage timing requirements with efficiency.

6. Robust Compatibility 2.9.2 is designed to work seamlessly across different platforms, ensuring compatibility with various operating systems. Enjoy the flexibility to use the software on your preferred device without sacrificing performance.

7. Timecode Integration

Integrate 2.9.2 with external timecode sources for synchronized timing. This feature allows for precise coordination with other production elements, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation.

8. Real-time Analytics

Gain insights into your event’s timing dynamics with real-time analytics provided by 2.9.2. Monitor key metrics, identify trends, and optimize your future events for an even more polished and precise execution.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 and above.


2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent.


8GB RAM or higher for optimal performance.


At least 500MB of available disk space.


Integrated or dedicated graphics card with OpenGL 2.1 support.

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