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Introduction to GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0

GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 represents a cutting-edge solution for version control, offering unparalleled control and flexibility to development teams. This release is tailored for organizations seeking the advantages of a self-hosted Git solution without the complexities of server management. With a focus on empowering collaboration, GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 brings forth a comprehensive set of features, providing a seamless and efficient environment for code collaboration and version control.

Developed by Axosoft, GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 introduces a serverless architecture, eliminating the need for a dedicated server infrastructure. This innovation allows teams to enjoy the benefits of an on-premise Git solution while simplifying deployment and reducing maintenance overhead. In this introduction, we will explore key features and system requirements, shedding light on the capabilities that make GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 an indispensable tool for modern software development workflows.

Key Features of GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0

1. Serverless Architecture

GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 introduces a revolutionary serverless architecture, enabling organizations to deploy and manage Git repositories without the need for a dedicated server. This streamlines the setup process, reduces infrastructure complexity, and ensures a hassle-free experience for development teams.

2. Advanced Branch Management

Effortlessly manage branches with GitKraken Client’s powerful branch management features. Visualize branch relationships, merge code with confidence, and navigate complex branching structures with ease. This feature enhances collaboration and ensures a streamlined workflow for teams working on concurrent tasks.

3. Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Facilitate seamless collaboration with built-in communication tools. GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 includes features such as in-app commenting and mentions, fostering efficient communication among team members directly within the context of the codebase. This enhances collaboration and accelerates decision-making processes.

4. Robust Pull Request Management

Streamline the code review process with GitKraken Client’s robust pull request management. Create, review, and merge pull requests with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that code changes are thoroughly reviewed before being merged into the main branch. This feature promotes code quality and team collaboration.

5. Git Integration with Graphical Interface

GitKraken Client On-Premise Serverless 9.13.0 combines the power of Git with an intuitive graphical interface. Visualize Git actions, understand complex version histories, and navigate repositories effortlessly. The graphical representation enhances the user experience, making Git operations more accessible to developers of all experience levels.

6. Flexible Authentication Options

GitKraken Client offers flexible authentication options, allowing teams to integrate seamlessly with their existing authentication systems. Support for OAuth, LDAP, and SAML ensures that organizations can enforce security policies and control access to repositories with ease, enhancing overall system security.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10, macOS 10.12 or later, Linux distributions with glibc 2.19 or later.


2 GHz dual-core processor or equivalent.


4 GB RAM or higher recommended for optimal performance.


Minimum 250 MB of free disk space for installation.


Stable internet connection for license activation and updates.

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