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Bootstrap Studio 6.6.1 is a high-end, website and prototype redeveloping application that is made for web designers and developers. Through this application, web designers can easily develop, create, and develop their responsive prototype applications. This application holds a unique and interactive interface with a large range of features and tools. Its interface is very catchy and beautiful for web development. Users can effectively create and develop different prototype websites and applications. This application works on the Bootstrap framework allowing users to create different responsive websites through the drag-and-drop feature.

Bootstrap Studio

The interface of the software consists of many advanced and unique tools that assist users in designing web pages through coding. Besides this, its interface makes beginners familiar with basic coding and exports clean HTML codes. Its interface works around the unique smoothness of drag and drop feature. This is the best and perfect tool for creating and designing responsive web pages and applications.

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Bootstrap Studio 6.6.1 For Windows

It is an excellent and versatile web development application that assists users in creating different responsive pages. It provides users with the components like headers, footers, and slideshows with its essential elements. Professionals and web designers can utilize this application to develop responsive prototypes. This application works on the powerful Electron and Bootstrap framework. The interface of the software consists of several advanced and unique templates that users are customizable. There are multiple web pages and widgets in those templates that help in creating responsive websites.

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 The software holds many important and interactive components that may include footers, headers, and slideshows. These components of the software assist users in developing a unique and responsive application. Its interface holds a drag-drop feature in its interface that automatically writes catchy and beautiful HTML for the users. These HTML codes look as if they were written by a human user by his hand. This software works on the Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems with all its functionalities.

Bootstrap Studio 6.6.1 Full Version

The software comes with a very fluid and smooth interface that consists of many advanced tools and components that users can use to develop an app. Besides this, users can also customize their components and extract some pieces from them. Users can share their files after exporting their components. They can easily locate their needed components from the library of the software. If a user finds any difficulty in finding the component, he can get it from the online Component Panel.

This Component Panel holds thousands of pre-built components in it that users can equip while creating a responsive website. Besides downloading components from this panel, users can also upload their created components for other users. Its interface automatically updates and changes the components when someone changes the other component linked to it. These components are mainly the headers, footers, and the things users need to update.


Bootstrap Studio

Catchy Interface:

The software has a catchy and flawless interface that helps users in designing websites through its drag-and-drop feature. This is an essential and efficient tool for creating interactive and responsive web pages and websites.

Engaging Templates:

The interface of the software holds a large number of beautiful and engaging templates that users can use to develop an application or web page. These templates contain many widgets and the necessary web pages that users need to create an engaging website.

Smart Drag and Drop:

The professional version of the software consists of many components that users can nest for necessary suggestions. This feature creates high-end engaging HTML codes for a website. These codes look as if anyone wrote them by hand.

Online Library:

Besides all features and functions, the software consists of hundreds of important components that users can require while developing a website. Users can also upload their own created components.

Real-time Preview:

Through this feature, web developers can access and open their designs on the interface of multiple browsers and devices. This will preview all the changes that a user is making instantly.

Import Existing Websites:

While creating a responsive website, users can also upload the existing website to the software. They can add different CSS, JAVA, and image fields in their projects through its drag-and-drop feature.

Bootstrap Studio

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Windows 10
  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Intel Core i5 processor. 

What’s New:

  • Enhanced background colors.
  • Color setting mode is easily accessible.
  • Fixed the issue of the text editing toolbar.
  • Theme Switcher components now work properly.

Bootstrap Studio Activated is a web design and development application which offers a large number of components for creating apps and web pages. The interface of the software holds many components and tools that assist users in creating engaging and responsive websites. They can export their work and projects and publish them with just a single click. Besides this, they can also add different interactive and catchy animations to their projects. Its interface enables them to easily resize, create and apply different variations to their websites. Users can also apply and add different themes and animations to their projects and websites.

They can customize themes, icons, fonts, and other components that are necessary to create an engaging and responsive website. The software automatically updates its version and comes with new components and features in the updated version. Users can easily create different engaging and responsive web pages and applications through its advanced features and tools.

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