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Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler stands as a cutting-edge software solution for developers and software engineers aiming to optimize the memory usage of their .NET applications. This powerful memory profiling tool is designed to provide in-depth insights into memory allocations, helping users identify and rectify memory-related issues efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, ANTS Memory Profiler is an indispensable asset for anyone involved in the development and optimization of .NET applications.

As software complexity grows, efficient memory management becomes paramount. ANTS Memory Profiler facilitates a comprehensive analysis of memory usage, allowing developers to pinpoint memory leaks, optimize performance, and enhance the overall stability of their applications. The latest version, ANTS Memory Profiler, builds upon its legacy by introducing new features and improvements, solidifying its position as a go-to tool for memory profiling and optimization in the .NET development landscape.

Key Features

1. Real-time Memory Tracking

Monitor and analyze memory usage in real-time, providing developers with accurate insights into how their .NET applications utilize system memory during runtime.

2. Memory Leak Detection

Identify and diagnose memory leaks efficiently, allowing developers to address potential issues before they impact application performance and user experience.

3. Snapshot Comparison

Utilize snapshot comparison features to track changes in memory usage over time, enabling developers to assess the effectiveness of optimizations and modifications.

4. Customizable Views and Reports

Create customized views and reports based on specific memory profiling requirements, ensuring that developers can focus on the aspects of memory usage most relevant to their applications.

5. Integration with Visual Studio

Seamlessly integrate ANTS Memory Profiler into Visual Studio, allowing developers to incorporate memory profiling directly into their development workflow for enhanced convenience.

6. Allocation Call Stack Analysis

Gain insights into the call stack leading to memory allocations, aiding developers in understanding the source of memory-related issues and optimizing code accordingly.

7. Multi-process Profiling

Efficiently profile multiple processes simultaneously, making ANTS Memory Profiler suitable for analyzing complex applications with multiple components and dependencies.

8. Streamlined User Interface

Benefit from a streamlined and intuitive user interface that ensures ease of navigation and quick access to essential memory profiling features, enhancing overall user experience.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit)


2 GHz or faster processor


4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)

Hard Disk Space:

2 GB of available hard-disk space.

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