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PTC Arbortext Editor is an industry-leading XML-based authoring and publishing software, providing a comprehensive solution for creating, editing, and publishing technical content. Tailored for professionals in the fields of technical documentation, engineering, and manufacturing, this advanced authoring tool empowers users to streamline the creation and management of complex documents. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Arbortext Editor is the go-to software for organizations seeking precision, efficiency, and standard compliance in the development of structured content across various industries.

Elevate your document authoring experience with PTC Arbortext Editor Designed to meet the evolving needs of technical communicators, this software offers powerful tools for authoring and editing content in XML or SGML format. Arbortext Editor excels in managing complex document structures, allowing users to create dynamic, data-driven publications that can be effortlessly repurposed for various outputs. Whether you are creating technical manuals, product documentation, or regulatory compliance documents, Arbortext Editor provides a versatile platform that ensures accuracy, consistency, and collaboration in your document creation process.

Key Features

1. XML and SGML Authoring

Enables users to author and edit content in XML or SGML format, providing a structured and standardized approach to document creation.

2. Dynamic Content Publishing

Facilitates dynamic content publishing, allowing users to create documents that can be easily repurposed for various outputs such as print, web, and mobile formats.

3. Advanced Document Structuring

Provides advanced capabilities for structuring complex documents, ensuring the organization and hierarchy required for technical content across industries.

4. Intelligent Content Reuse

Streamlines content reuse with intelligent features, enabling users to efficiently manage and repurpose content elements throughout different documents.

5. Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, allowing multiple authors to work on the same document simultaneously while ensuring version control and consistency.

6. Multi-Channel Publishing

Supports multi-channel publishing, allowing users to deliver content to diverse channels such as print, web, and mobile without the need for extensive manual adjustments.

7. Integration with Content Management Systems

Seamlessly integrates with content management systems, providing efficient version control, workflow management, and access to shared resources.

8. Compliance with Industry Standards

Ensures compliance with industry standards such as DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) and other XML-based standards, guaranteeing interoperability and future-proofing your documentation.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.


2 GHz dual-core processor or higher.


4 GB RAM or more.


Minimum resolution of 1280×1024 pixels.

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