OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 Full Version Free Download

Welcome to OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21

Experience unparalleled performance monitoring and optimization with OCBASE OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21, the latest iteration of our cutting-edge software. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this version brings a host of new features and improvements to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency. Whether you’re an overclocking enthusiast, a hardware tester, or simply want to ensure the stability of your system, OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 has you covered.

OCCT Patreon Edition 11.0.21 introduces a refined user interface for enhanced usability, making it easier than ever to navigate and utilize its powerful tools. Dive into extensive system stress testing, CPU and GPU monitoring, and real-time hardware analysis. With the full version of OCCT Patreon Edition, you gain access to advanced features, ensuring a comprehensive experience. Stay ahead of the curve with the activated and pre-activated capabilities, providing seamless integration and immediate access to the software’s complete suite of tools.

Key Features

1. Real-Time System Monitoring:

Keep a close eye on your system’s performance with OCCT Patreon Edition’s real-time monitoring, offering detailed insights into CPU and GPU usage, temperatures, and voltages.

2. Advanced Stress Testing:

Push your hardware to the limits with comprehensive stress testing tools, allowing you to identify system weaknesses, optimize performance, and ensure stability under extreme conditions.

3. Enhanced User Interface:

Experience an intuitive and refined user interface, designed to streamline navigation and provide easy access to OCCT’s powerful features.

4. Activated and Pre-Activated Versions:

Enjoy the full potential of OCCT Patreon Edition with activated and pre-activated versions, granting you immediate access to the complete suite of tools and capabilities.

5. System Stability Analysis:

Conduct in-depth analysis of your system’s stability, identifying potential issues and ensuring optimal performance in various scenarios.

6. GPU Memory Testing:

Verify the integrity of your GPU’s memory with dedicated testing tools, allowing you to detect and address memory-related issues for enhanced graphics performance.

7. Multi-Core Support:

Optimize your multi-core processor setup with OCCT’s advanced tools, ensuring efficient utilization and performance across all cores.

8. Customizable Testing Parameters:

Tailor your stress tests to specific hardware components and parameters, providing flexibility and precision in identifying and addressing potential issues.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10 or later


Quad-core processor or higher


8 GB or more


DirectX 11 or later compatible graphics card


At least 500 MB of free space

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