Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 24.14 Full Version Download 2024


Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 24.14 stands as a cutting-edge software solution tailored for precise coordinate transformations and geodetic calculations. Whether you’re working in cartography, surveying, or GIS applications, this software provides advanced tools to convert spatial data accurately between different coordinate systems and reference frames. Equipped with a user-friendly interface, TRANSDAT Professional ensures seamless navigation through its robust features, making it an indispensable asset for professionals dealing with geospatial data on a daily basis.

Unlock the power of spatial data manipulation with TRANSDAT Professional 24.14. This software not only facilitates the conversion of coordinates but also offers a comprehensive suite of geodetic tools, allowing users to perform complex calculations with ease. With support for a vast array of coordinate systems and datums, this software ensures the highest level of accuracy in your geospatial projects, making it an essential tool for anyone requiring precision and reliability in coordinate transformations.

Key Features:

1. Extensive Coordinate System Support:

TRANSDAT Professional supports a wide range of coordinate systems and datums, ensuring compatibility with global and regional spatial reference standards.

2. Geodetic Calculations:

Perform advanced geodetic calculations such as distance, azimuth, and area computations, providing accurate results for surveying and mapping applications.

3. 3D Coordinate Transformations:

Enable seamless transformations between 3D coordinate systems, allowing for precise representation of spatial data in three-dimensional space.

4. Batch Processing:

Efficiently process large datasets with the batch processing feature, enabling users to transform multiple coordinates simultaneously for increased productivity.

5. User-Defined Coordinate Systems:

Create and manage custom coordinate systems, ensuring flexibility in handling specialized or local spatial reference requirements.

6. Export and Import Functionality:

Import and export coordinate data in various formats, including CSV, DXF, and Shapefile, enhancing interoperability with other GIS and mapping software.

7. Datum Shift Database:

Access a comprehensive database of datum shifts, allowing for accurate transformations between different datums and ensuring precise geodetic results.

8. Integration with GPS Receivers:

Integrate seamlessly with GPS receivers for real-time coordinate transformations, providing on-the-fly accuracy in the field.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions).


1 GHz or faster processor.


2 GB RAM (4 GB or higher recommended).

Hard Disk Space:

100 MB of available hard-disk space for installation.


1024 x 768 resolution with 16-bit color or higher.

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