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Rekordbox DJ 6.8.4 is an amazing song and playlist management software. It can help you to easily manage and sync your tracks from the cloud. Allow you to create different soundtracks and edit them very effectively. Allow you to set shortcut keys to perform various tasks. This can save time to perform tasks and you can easily apply your preferences. Allow you to test different tracks and can check whether they are compatible with mixing or not. Provides an edit mode in which you can edit different soundtracks and mix them. You can change every aspect of the sound including pitch, eco, loud, and many more.

Rekordbox DJ

Enable you to add multiple musical instrument sounds to your tracks. Allow you to create your custom tracks by editing. You can easily render your tracks into the playlist. Enable you to load different tacks according to the scenes. You can load tracks by importing them from USB, using clouds, via PC LAN, and link.

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Rekordbox DJ 6.8.4 For Windows

Rekordbox DJ 6.8.4 provides cues for each song. You can use up to 10 memory ques and other hot ques for a single track. You can use them to playback and pause tracks. Provides DVS control vinyl. Allow you to pad the performance of the sounds as you want. Enable you to detect and analyze the grids in the sounds. These beat grids and positions are shown in the form of white lines. Allow you to edit all of the beat grids to customize the performance. In the presence of the internet, it can analyze songs from the server automatically.

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It can automatically detect waveform and vocal position. When cloud analysis is on it works much faster than when it is turned off. Provides a lightning mode that provides a sequence of light to understand the phrase development. It automatically creates light patterns by detecting the phrase and keys.

Rekordbox DJ 6.8.4 Full Version

Rekordbox DJ 6.8.4 provides track compositions in different colors that can help you to understand the sounds. It provides three kinds of wave colors to understand the waveform of the sounds. Allow you to fully customized them. These include 3 Band, RGB, and Blue. In 3 Band three colors of waves are present. White color shows high frequency, orange color shows mid frequency, and blue color shows low frequency. In RGB also 3 colors waves blue color shows high frequency, green shows mid, and red shows low frequency. Blue frequencies are shown in 2 different colors white shows high and blue shows low frequencies. It can analyze the key and phrase of your song. It can save the settings of previously played tracks.

Keys are shown at the top of the application and phrases are shown at the bottom of the application. Provides an auto-beat loop button on the main window. By pressing this button you can play back the current beat. Allow you to set the beat loops from 1/64 to 512.


Rekordbox DJ

Cutout breakdown:

This feature helps to enhance the performance of the sounds and make them loud. Show all the breakdowns of the sounds in different colors. Allow you to cut out these breakdowns to maximize the sound quality.

Intelligent playlist:

An impressive feature of the software is its intelligent playlist. Allow you to set criteria for your special tracks. After that, it automatically matches each playlist to that criteria and creates a playlist automatically.


Enable you to smoothly synchronize between different styles and tracks. Provides various sync options to the users that include beat sync, BPM, and Key sync. All of these can be used to test different styles and options.

Recording and sharing:

Allow you to record various sounds and tracks. You can mix different sounds and customize your tracks. Provides an advanced mixing tool with impressive functions. Enable you to easily share your remix on Youtube and Mixcloud.

Screen Layout:

Provides different screen layouts to the users. Provides 2 or 4 decks on the screen in different vertical or horizontal locations. 

Stream with Tidal:

This software is integrated with Tidal. Allow you to link your Tidal account with this application and easily browse all your Tidal tracks on this software with DJ gear.

Cloud library sync

Allow you to easily sync into your cloud accounts very efficiently. You can link your Dropbox account with this software and access your playlists and tracks from anywhere. Allow you to easily share content to the cloud. It helps in the seamless management of playlists and soundtracks.

Vocal position detection:

Uses AI technology to detect vocal positions in the sounds. When any track is loaded it shows the complete vocal positions on the waveform. It can help you to improve the performance of the track by analyzing vocal tracks.

Rekordbox DJ

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 2 GB of minimum HD is required
  • Core i3 processor. 

What’s New?

  • Playlist Pallet
  • Cues and Grids
  • Music streaming
  • Mobile app to access the playlists

Rekordbox DJ is the best DJ software. Enable you to manage, control, and create various playlists very easily. It allows you to easily sync them to external storage and clouds. You can access your playlists and sounds from anywhere using a Rekordbox account. Provides the feature to edit the soundtracks. You can change all the aspects of your sounds and can mix multiple sounds collectively. It is integrated with Dropbox and Tidal. Use Artificial Intelligence for the detection of vocal positions, keys, and phrases.

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