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Norton Antivirus is an amazing antivirus software that consists of advanced security tools. Millions of people are using this software around the world. This is the best security solution to protect your device efficiently. These tools help to protect your device as well as your data from unauthorized users, threats, and viruses. At this time, hacking is rising continuously, and viruses like malware or spyware are attentive to attack the devices. These cyber-attacks make it compulsory two develop an antivirus. That is reliable and efficient enough to protect your device and data from these attacks.

Norton Antivirus

It provides the ability to protect the identification, online data, and firewall. This software scans the continuous updating on your device to keep it safe from hidden viruses. It is stunning software, trustworthy and secure.

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Norton Antivirus for windows

This software is mainly designed to protect your device against threats, and viruses such as malware, spyware, or ransomware. This antivirus software consists of the ability to efficiently scan the virus. If there is any single virus present, it detects it in real time and removes it. This is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android devices. This product is an essential tool when it comes to protecting and securing your sensitive data. It works for both business and personal purposes. This is valuable software that gives peace of mind and removes the fear of losing your sensitive data.For using this software, simply just go to its website.

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Install the software, enter your 25 Digit product key, and run the software. This tool consists of both paid and premium versions. Both versions contain amazing features like a firewall, password manager, identification protection, parental controls, and many others. But the paid version consists of some more advanced features as compared to the free version. With 24/7 customer service support via phone, chat, or email. This enhanced the customer’s expectations and loyalty.

The software consists of amazing working features also. It provides a wide range of security features such as real-time protection, antivirus, identity theft protection, parental control, backup, and many more. Additionally, it consists of the ability to track the traffic and keep the data safe. While scanning if it detects viruses, even if they are hidden in any file. It immediately removes the virus and creates a secure layer on the file.


Norton Antivirus

Real-time protection:

This feature allows the software to scan your device in real-time. It ensures that the device, file, or folder is fully secure and does not contain any ransomware, spyware, malware, or any online threat.


Firewall monitors all the incoming and outgoing data on the device. It removes the access of unauthorized users and ensures that the device is secure.


This software is used to view and control your child’s activity, It also allows you to adjust his screen time and manage the settings. You can also block the sites that you want your child to not access.

Identity theft protection:

This software consists of built-in Identity theft protection. It enables comprehensive protection to secure your data like bank accounts, and personal information.

Antivirus protection:

This feature enables multilayer security for your sensitive data. It identifies and removes all viruses. This feature enhances the protection ability.


The software also provides a backup facility. It is the best solution to secure and store your files, documents, and any other confidential data safely and securely in a cloud stage location.

Norton Antivirus

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Storage 300 MB
  • Processor 1 GHz

What’s New?

  • Include VPN.
  • Performance is enhanced.
  • 100% protection from malware.
  • Minor bugs are fixed.
  • Real-time protection is enhanced.
  • Parental control is introduced.

Norton Antivirus is an efficient antivirus software to secure the device from unauthorized access and viruses. This is an effective solution that enables comprehensive security against cyber threats. It consists of amazing tools that protect your device and create several protection layers to make your data even safer. This software consists of amazing features also to make it more efficient. An advanced firewall is introduced to scan the movement of incoming and outgoing data. Ensures that the path is secure. Identity theft protection is a built-in feature that creates a high protection barrier against your confidential data like bank accounts or any other personal details. You can also create backup files.

In case the data is lost, you can easily store or recover their files. It makes the managing and organizing of files so easy. The continued update provides more amazing features and protects the device more powerfully against the latest viruses or malware. The software supports various operating systems like Windows, MAC OS, IOS, and Android also. This software works best for both business and individual purposes. For running the software, you do not need to purchase it. It consists of both paid and free versions. This software consists of amazing features that enhance its popularity even more. If you are looking for antivirus software, that consists of amazing features and comprehensive protection, reliability, and ease to use. Then Norton is one of the best options.

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