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Iboysoft Data Recovery 3.5 is a leading tool for recovering different types of files from system disk drives. It can retrieve the data from the RAW, broken, lost, and different other drives with ease. The data retrieval includes music, documents, photos, videos, and emails to get back in a short time. Moreover, you will have the solution for the archive files as well for both the external and internal drives compatibility. The support is there for the exFAT, FAT3, and NTFS disk types. The program provides a guarantee about recovering the folders with 99 percent accuracy without losing the file quality. If you find any issues while operating the tool you can contact their helpline with support for all users.

Iboysoft Data Recovery

Iboysoft Data Recovery 3.5 For Windows

The speedy file recovery tool is here for Windows and MAC PCs with convenient options that will let you discover the data. The RAW partitions and file retrieval is one of the best fathers that you will find in this app. There are bad sectors in the disk which cause the data to not open while using Windows. So, you can employ it for opening such data with a smart recovery mode. The infected files and documents are lost, sometimes you may not see them on the disk.

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Moreover, hundreds of storage devices face such problems that are now solvable with this tool. You will find deep scan and quick scan features for finding the data in multiple ways. Select the data type in the custom mode such as pictures and the tool will only do operations on these file types. Moreover, the pre-recovery filters are also available with the scan session saving support.

Iboysoft Data Recovery 3.5 Full Version

Some common viruses and malware can cause the system data missing and lost from the drives. This happens when you install some dangerous software having some threats and malware in it. So it can corrupt the system files and files more easily and delete the data. The app is a hot favorite solution in such scenarios that will find the data from the disk and present it to you. There are several devices where users can retrieve information such as SSD, HDDs, and SD cards. The speed and accuracy of the tool are very efficient in finding the data in no time. Some other friendly devices that include data recovery features are external disk drives and memory cards.


Iboysoft Data Recovery

Recycle Bin:

The recycle bin has files that are up to 30 days in the bin after that it will delete them automatically. Moreover, the users may delete the files with the shift + delete button so that files are not even in the bin. Hence the tool will work promptly to retrieve the files back such as photos and precious documents in this case.

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Files Deletion:

Accidental deletion is one of the major causes when someone deletes files from the PC mistakenly. You might not find these files in the recycle bin as well so what to do now. Employ this great app to deal with such issues and retrieve the information from the hard disk in minutes.

Format Drive:

When you format the drives for installing the new windows or free up the pace in the computers then suddenly come to know that the important data is no longer there. Now retrieves this kind of data with the available solution that this tool provides for disk formations. It will reconstruct the older file system and try to recover the data with quick effort.

Disk Corruption:

Disk corruption is normal if there is some damage caused to the drive due to any reason. There are wrong ejections, PC crashes, power failures, and other problematic reasons for the malfunctioning of the drives. Hence the professional-grade tool is here to recover the files from the dead disks and provide them back to the users.

Partition Lost:

For any reason, the partitions of the windows are lost or you may no longer find them on the windows. These are hidden spaces or drives that are missing after the deletion or any other system malfunctions. To recover the data from the emergency feature for such a missing partition to get your audio and video files back.

Iboysoft Data Recovery

How To Download & Install?

  1. Just download the link given below.
  2. Install the tool on the system from the .exe file
  3. Accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  5. Done!!!

System Requirements

  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
  • Windows 7 or Higher
  • 200 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Pentium IV or Higher.

What’s New:

  • MacOS Ventura Problems and solutions
  • With high performance and a speedy recovery rate.
  • File accuracy is even higher.

Iboysoft Data Recovery is a utility app for getting back aloof data from different sources such as HD, pen drives, USBs, and other smart gadgets. You can use the different modes to retrieve the information as soon as possible..the quick recovery mode will find all the information of the drive in no matter of time with high accuracy.l you will find the pictures and video field back in high quality without losing the data quality. Moreover, there are other issues such as accidental deletion, recycle bin recovery, system crashes, and many more that this app can deal with easily.

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