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Welcome to CintaNotes PRO 3.14

Streamline your note-taking experience with CintaNotes PRO 3.14, a feature-rich software designed to be your digital notepad for capturing ideas, thoughts, and information effortlessly. Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone who values efficient note organization, CintaNotes PRO offers a range of tools to help you collect, organize, and retrieve information quickly. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, this version elevates your note-taking game, providing a seamless and efficient solution for managing your digital snippets of inspiration.

CintaNotes PRO 3.14 distinguishes itself with a host of advanced features that cater to both casual users and those with demanding note-taking needs. From quick note capture to advanced organization and search capabilities, this version goes beyond basic note-taking tools. Explore the extensive feature set, which includes the ability to tag, categorize, and link notes, ensuring that your digital notebook remains an organized and accessible repository for your ideas. Read on to discover the key features that make CintaNotes PRO 3.14 the ultimate companion for anyone who values a well-organized and efficient note-taking workflow.

Key Features:

1. Fast Note Capture

Effortlessly capture notes in real-time using the quick note capture feature, ensuring that no idea is lost, even in the midst of a busy schedule.

2. Tagging and Categorization

Organize your notes effectively with tagging and categorization options, allowing you to create a structured and easily navigable note library.

3. Linking Between Notes

Create connections between related notes with the linking feature, providing a dynamic and interconnected web of information within your digital notebook.

4. Full-Text Search

Retrieve information swiftly with full-text search capabilities, enabling you to find specific notes or keywords within your extensive note collection.

5. Note Encryption

Ensure the security of sensitive information with note encryption, providing an additional layer of protection for confidential or private notes.

6. Hierarchical Tags

Organize your tags hierarchically, allowing for a deeper level of categorization and facilitating a more granular organization of your note library.

7. Markdown Support

Create rich and formatted notes with Markdown support, enabling you to add emphasis, structure, and formatting to your notes with ease.

8. Automatic Data Synchronization

Keep your notes in sync across multiple devices with automatic data synchronization, ensuring that your digital notebook is always up to date, regardless of the platform you’re using.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 7, 8, 10


1 GHz or faster


512 MB or higher


50 MB of free space

Screen Resolution:

1024×768 or higher.

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