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Welcome to Soft Uninstaller 1.1

Soft Uninstaller 1.1 offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing and uninstalling software applications from your computer. This user-friendly tool is designed to simplify the process of removing unwanted programs, ensuring a clean and optimized system. Soft Uninstaller 1.1 goes beyond the standard uninstallation process, providing users with advanced features for thorough application removal. Whether you’re looking to free up disk space, enhance system performance, or get rid of stubborn programs, Soft Uninstaller 1.1 is your go-to solution. This version introduces several enhancements, making it a reliable and versatile choice for users seeking an effective software uninstallation tool.

Soft Uninstaller 1.1 stands out with its feature-rich interface and powerful capabilities. The software not only uninstalls applications but also performs deep scans to identify and remove leftover files and registry entries, ensuring a complete uninstallation. With its intuitive design, Soft Uninstaller 1.1 is accessible to users of all levels, providing a hassle-free experience. Beyond basic uninstallation, users can take advantage of additional features such as batch uninstallation, force uninstallation, and the ability to monitor installations in real-time. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Soft Uninstaller 1.1 in managing your software applications and maintaining a clutter-free system.

Main Features:

1. Complete Uninstallation:

Soft Uninstaller 1.1 ensures a thorough removal of applications, including associated files and registry entries, leaving no traces behind.

2. Batch Uninstallation:

Efficiently uninstall multiple applications simultaneously with the batch uninstallation feature, saving time and streamlining the software removal process.

3. Force Uninstallation:

For stubborn or problematic programs, Soft Uninstaller 1.1 provides a force uninstallation option, ensuring the removal of applications that may resist standard uninstallation methods.

4. Real-Time Installation Monitoring:

The software monitors installations in real-time, allowing users to track changes made to the system during the installation process and facilitating easier removal later.

5. Application Search and Sorting:

Quickly locate specific applications with the search functionality, and organize the application list with sorting options based on name, size, or installation date.

6. Application Rating System:

Soft Uninstaller 1.1 incorporates a rating system, providing users with insights into the reputation of applications and helping them make informed decisions during uninstallation.

7. Automatic Backup:

Before uninstalling applications, the software automatically creates backups, allowing users to restore the system to its previous state in case of any unexpected issues.

8. Lightweight and Fast:

Soft Uninstaller 1.1 is designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring quick startup and efficient performance without consuming excessive system resources.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10


1 GHz or faster processor


512 MB RAM or higher


20 MB of available disk space

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